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Groundwater Supply Investigations

Droughts, associated with Global Warming and other natural factors, are becoming a regular occurrence in many parts of the world. Semi-arid countries (such as South Africa) are especially sensitive to droughts and this, together with water infrastructure challenges that rural areas face, highlights the importance of sustainable, yet effective, groundwater resource development in these countries.

We specialise in the scientific siting of boreholes through geophysical survey techniques to enhance the chances of encountering groundwater in both weathered and fractured aquifers during drilling. Our preferred drilling contractors are experts in the drilling of boreholes in various environments and as such, specific drilling techniques can be applied as required by site conditions. In addition, we provide borehole yield testing services to advise our clients on long term sustainable pumping rates. After our boreholes have been purged we collect water samples and submit these to trusted SANAS accredited laboratories for analysis. The laboratory results are compared against SANS and other drinking water standards depending on the intended use.

Our groundwater supply services are performed according to SANS 10299 guidelines and include:

  • Borehole siting by means of geophysical surveys including resistivity, magnetic and electromagnetic surveys
  • Borehole drilling
  • Borehole development
  • Borehole yield testing
  • Water quality assessment